Debian - The Universal Operating System

I've been contributing to Debian since 2001-11, and have been an official developer since 2003-02. This is the presentation I sent to my AM, on my joining process.

Some status pages of things that have to be continuously maintained and updated:

Also locally available some of my Debian stuff that includes a:

Debian legacy involvement

Used to maintain the following groups of packages, which I subsequently either orphaned or left the team maintaining them.

Used to do Catalan translation coordination. Some links tracking the status of the Catalan translations:

Used to admin the the 3rd party unreleased archives for Debian GNU/Hurd and Debian GNU/kFreeBSD, with the whole unstable archive for GNU/kFreeBSD and their ISOs on The GNU/kFreeBSD unstable archive was an official Debian architecture for a while, now hosted alongside the unreleased archive at


While at UAB I co-founded and presided (2003-01 — 2005-01) a local user group that tried to promote and push for the adoption of Free Software at the university, either in the infrastructure or in the courses themselves. We organized several conferences with invited people from outside the university. We coordinated our efforts with other university groups in Catalunya and Spain in general.


When working for Nokia (2005-02 — 2009-03), I used to be involved in the Maemo project as part of my duties there.

Worked on system performance for the Nokia 770 and N800; wrote and maintained the maemo-launcher, worked on glibc ARM optimizations, was involved in the ARM EABI transition, bootstrapping the first armel port internally (but feeding patches upstream), handled ScratchBox releases for a while to be able to use the newer CodeSourcery toolchains with ARM EABI support, hacked on QEMU for ARM EABI support, and random application optimizations and bug fixing, among other things.

Worked on software development for the N800, N810 and briefly on the N900; continued maintaining maemo-launcher, maintained and ported HAL, maintained D-Bus and the D-Bus GLib interface and was involved in the init system evaluation and switch to Upstart.